8 tips to make shipping from China easier PART I

Shipping from China has been an issue for many traders and countries, ever since China opened up for global trade around 1980 and became an economic superpower in the 2000’s.

On the back of some dramatic growth in the last 30 odd years, China has grown into one of the most significant financial and economic muscles on the planet. Chinese goods have received a broad acceptance globally and many businesses are keen on importing goods from China.

However, the most painstaking obstacle that many face is how to go about shipping from China successfully. This might be a difficult task, especially for newbies and sometimes even the professionals.

We are sure that you wouldn’t like getting trapped by unnecessary delays, high delivery costs, and unreliable suppliers like many have.

Get multiple quotations from multiple carriers

It’s always advisable to spread out the risks. In this instance, you could just as well go by, this algorithm (risk spreading) by contacting numerous carriers.

They are responsible for the overall shipping procedure till your desired destination from China.

Carriers will evaluate your cargo depending on:

  • Container levies
  • Packaging mode
  • Terminal management fees
  • Broker’s charge or fee

These are only the main factors. Other factors may exist depending on the carrier. Primarily, these fees would help you in forecasting the costs for shipping your consignment.

Depending on your destination, you can choose from several carriers operating from China. If you have substantial volumes, encouraging competition among the shipping lines will most likely get you a competitive cost to consider.

Use the correct packaging

Once you have selected your preferred carrier, it’s now time to deal with the products directly. The commodity will be ‘naked.’

This would mean that you need a packaging of which to wrap the products. Now that’s where the packaging comes in.

Packaging is vital due to the following reasons:

  • It cushions the consignment from the unnecessary pressure that may lead to cargo damage.
  • It presents an initial impression on the customers.
  • It’s a mode of advertising and creating publicity for the shipping carrier.

There is a wide range of packaging options that may be used by your carrier. They may include:

  • Utility oriented packaging
  • Branded packaging
  • Standard packaging

In the case of courier shipments, your carrier will supply you with their choice of packaging options depending on your goods and their services.

The most common standard packaging are:

  • Bulk cargo boxes
  • Corrugated pads
  • Insulated shipping boxes
  • Wooden Crates
  • Multi-depth boxes
  • Easy fold covers
  • Side loaders e.t.c

Normally, every carrier cautiously selects a packaging since it’s core in affecting their profit margin. Most of them wouldn’t supply you with unfavorable packaging, which may significantly attract unnecessary costs.

But in the case of LCL or FCL container shipments, you need to ensure that the packaging follows the recommendations of the CTU Code.

NLINE can handle shipments from 600 places in china, having in mind all needed for shipment to safely reaches to destination.

Hire a reliable freight forwarder in China – they handle all logistics for you

This is one of the secrets to efficient shipping from China.

Shipping has several logistics processes that need to be worked out. To guarantee a successful completion of all this arithmetic you need a freight forwarder specialised in shipping goods to and from China.

A freight forwarder will handle all logistics operations and documentation process.

Some Chinese freight forwarders would duly organize the movement of your goods from the consignor to the port for shipping and also the transit of the consignment to the consignee’s warehouse in the destination country.

Hiring a competitive international forwarder ensures you gain accordingly.


They will ensure that your operations run smoothly without unnecessary interruptions. However, in case of emergency, they duly inform the client to solve it just in time.

Whenever you’re importing from China, these specialised freight forwarders can help you cut on shipping costs.

Essentially, hiring a reliable forwarder would ensure that your shipping process takes place at a faster rate.

This is also beneficial for you to meet the market demands without wastage of time.

Make sure your goods are insured

Cargo insurance is crucial for your goods. This would give you a sense of security in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as loss or damage to the products.

Acquiring a competitive cover for the whole consignment would allow you to have a free mind knowing that your goods are safe.

Numerous third-party companies offer insurance cover for the shipments. Whether your are a buyer or seller, it is the cargo owners responsibility to ensure that the goods are insured.

Always keep in touch with the freight forwarder and give them clear instructions to ensure covering the specific shipment for its particular worth. Never assume that the forwarders are aware of the net value of your cargo.

Again, note that the freight solely belongs to you and could present to you much loses if under insured.

It’s advisable for you to sufficiently cover the full worth of the shipment so that in the event of occurrence of emergency, you get the total value of your goods back.

Ensure the insurance company gives a detailed explanation of the liability covered. Also, the policy in a written format needs presentation.