Air vs water transport during the Covid-19 pandemic

In order for the economy to function better it is necessary for transport to go through phases of development and modernization. The goal is to make transportation punctual and cost-effective. Still, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Today we are talking about which transport of goods is better air or water transport?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Transport technology affects both the price of the goods and the functioning of overall social reproduction. International exchange is important for every country and significantly affects the economy.

The era of the pandemic affected the whole world both the economy and demand. The differences between ocean and air transport are seemingly obvious, but there are significant differences between them that decide which industry will become more profitable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic brought with it new risks 

Ocean traffic has become difficult. There are delays and changes in prices. All of this has made both buyers and sellers feel insecure and uncertain. The shipment will arrive but it will probably be late and get lost or misplaced. That doesn’t sound professional at all.

In order to decide which transport is better, we need to think about whether sending the shipment is urgent or can still wait. We also need to think about how heavy the shipment is. Sometimes, regardless of the price, it is important that the shipment arrives in less than a week. When that is the case air and air traffic is advised.

Air traffic is also recommended for goods that have their own deadline and must not be exposed to any external influences. The date of maturity is also crucial for such goods, so air traffic is chosen, especially in the time of the pandemic, when some products really had to arrive quickly and on time.

Air traffic is more expensive but of better quality

It is true that airlines have increased the prices of their services. This is because they can no longer fulfill their full capacity. In order not to be in debit they increased the price of transport both for passengers and for goods sent from various countries.

Water transport has always been cheaper, even before the famous Corona 19 virus. It is much better when it comes to larger and heavier shipments. If price is crucial to you and time is not then ocean transport is definitely a better choice.

It all depends on the goods

In fact, on closer inspection, the goods determine the carrier. If your shipments are light and require quick arrival choose a plane. If they are heavy, contain dangerous substances and are not urgent choose water transport.

With water transport we can expect a lot of delays, because delays in ports and additional checks were made during the pandemic. Air traffic on the other hand has different statute which can easily come across restrictions and even rejection of certain goods.

We hope there will be more fast ships which really stand in line with planes. As technology has evolved so has water transport. The goal of the companies is to stay cheaper and have as many customers as possible. They will do everything just to become faster and to bring shipments to the desired destination as soon as possible.

And we must not omit the important thing – environmental pollution. When we compare these two types of transport, we come to the conclusion that air traffic leaves behind much more damage than water transport.