Business meetings during the COVID-19 outbreak

Communication is crucial to the shipping industry, just like any industry. Sometimes, the written word is not enough and there is a need for a meeting to happen. 

Whether it’s negotiating a quote or a simple informative conversation, talking in person can be much more effective than written communication. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has made it impossible for business meetings to happen in person, therefore digital meetings have become a must.

Necessary components of a digital meeting tool

The main objective of the online group meeting software is to make the workgroup feel their full involvement and to make the collaboration more efficient. 

That is why any online meeting software has to make the following possible:

  • High-quality uninterrupted connection for video and audio conferences
  • The possibility of sharing business files and documents for all of the members of the meeting
  • The ability for multiple participants to edit a shared document 
  • The ability to share screens

The best digital meeting tools

The global outbreak of the coronavirus has made digital communication a must, and we have analyzed some of the most used tools for digital communication that are being used the most for business meetings.


1. Google Hangouts – The traditional Google-based interactive platform called Hangouts allows members to make team video calls and hold free online conferences. This program is quite far from new and the previous interface was not so simple to use. Luckily an improved version of this software is very functional and provides a strong call link.

2. GoToMeeting – This application is a particular favourite among numerous industries and work teams. There’s everything the user requires to make calls and record conversations on a high-quality level. It also ensures a secure connection for online meetings and allows for screen sharing for all participants.

3. Ready Talk – This group meeting software is viewed as a flexible tool with fine quality audio and video calls capable of accessing up to four video screens at the same time. Moreover, the app has its powerful technical support and appears to be one of the most effective online meeting resources available.


4. Zoom – This software is considered to have become the most popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from the standard functions that digital meeting applications provide like HQ video and audio conference calls it also allows for the possibility to connect to a meeting via a smartphone with WiFi or cellular connection.

5. Microsoft Teams – This meeting applications allows for really efficient conference calls. It provides the ability to host live events for up to 10,000 people or simple one-on-one meetings without a change in consistency. Aside from high-quality audio and video conferencing it is also fully integrated with Office 365, which guarantees increased efficiency.