Italia welcomes innovative NVOCC NLINE

Italia welcomes innovative NVOCC NLINE

It is our utmost honor and pleasure to announce that NLINE Shipping is expanding its network to the Italian market. Our objective is simple. We want to apply all of our accumulated experience in the freight industry in order to make our services available in Italy and to expand our shipping routes through Italy. We’re comprised of a twelve-person staff that is dedicated to giving excellent service and improving the freighting industry. Every one of our employees is fully committed to providing innovative solutions and is guided by a problem-solving mindset. Our work ethic is based on three firm principles.

Flexibility, which we consider a crucial quality and an imperative in the shipping industry. Being able to adapt and tailor our services to every client individually is an essential part of our business model. Dynamicity is a necessary part of the way we operate, and we consider it to be of great importance in the freighting industry. We seek to constantly improve our services, and reacting to changes effectively and punctually is something we consider a crucial aspect of the way we operate. Finally, we consider innovation the most important factor in our business model. We believe that the use of contemporary solutions to various problems is the only way to go when it comes to providing an excellent service.

Goals of NLINE Company

Our goal is to provide a daily distribution service in all of Italy and to do that we are establishing the base of our network at the Freschi & Schiavoni company warehouse in Liscate. The location of our warehouse was chosen strategically and has the goal of maximizing the speed and quality of our shipping network. It is at a 2 hours drive from the Genoa port and a 2.5 hours drive from the La Spezia port. The small distance from major Italian ports allows us to cover a lot of ground, and ensure the needed delivery speed. The 6000m2 warehouse capacity with 18 load and unload doors establish high delivery speed and allow us to offer express deliveries upon request. 

Innovation breeze for LCL and FCL

We offer innovative solutions and make both LCL and FCL simple when it comes to import and export shipping. When it comes to Less than Container Load, our focus is on ocean consolidation and that is why we cultivate a rigorous neutrality policy and only sell our services to freight forwarders. Our goal is to apply our ocean consolidation experience to both Italian and global companies and facilitate the international shipment of LCL cargo by using a network of trustworthy carriers. Our access to a vast network of reliable partners allows us to offer our services globally. By setting up shop in Italy we strive to introduce a new standard and make our services accessible to the Italian market. We believe that our freighting services will not only be of use to the growth of our business on the local Italian level, it will also improve the quality of our global network. We want to offer companies reliability, competitiveness, and absolute transparency. Full Container Freight comes with benefits, and one of which we offer to our clients is the door to door delivery. With our freight reservations system, we are able to provide shipping rates from and to every major port. 

Modernization of international shipping

Modernization of our services is something that we are striving towards ever since day one. We tend to keep our services up to date with the latest digital trends and technological innovations. We believe that the digitization of our shipping system facilitates cooperation, and provides greater access to our business model for our clients. The process is simple. The digital tools we offer give you access to sailing schedules, quote tools, and shared logistics at every moment of every day. No matter the day or time, you will be able to access all the necessary information you need via mobile phone, computer or tablet. This digital model guarantees more than just a few benefits. The ones we take the most pride in is the possibility to get the price at any time of the day or night, a significant reduction of the time necessary to get a quote, and the opportunity to view the shipment at all times. We believe that this type of digital service translates into a huge benefit for our customers, and introducing our digital business model to Italy is one of our primary goals.