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OriginVesselVoyage NR.Cut OffETDETAT.TimeRATE
Busan (Pusan) Port-KRPUSCOSCO SHIPPING SEINE016W18 May 202025 May 202028 June 202034USD. 26
Qingdao Port-CNTAOCOSCO SHIPPING ALPS014W19 May 202026 May 202030 June 202033USD. 24
Hong Kong Port-HKHKGCOSCO GLORY055W20 May 202027 May 202023 June 202027USD. 24
Shanghai Port-CNSHACOSCO SHIPPING ALPS014W21 May 202028 May 202030 June 202032USD. 24
Shenzhen Port-CNSZXCOSCO GLORY055W21 May 202028 May 202023 June 202026USD. 24
Ningbo Port-CNNGBCOSCO SHIPPING ALPS014W23 May 202030 May 202030 June 202030USD. 24

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