Transport in Q3

When it comes to transport, companies such as ours that offer freight solutions had a rough time in the first two quarters. But, Q3 seems promising. As the world is out of quarantine and shipping starts working like a well-oiled machine, we think that we’re in an excellent place to provide everything our potential clients may need. 

If you pay attention to the type of transport which is present in modern society, you’ll see that while ship transport is safe and often cheaper, plane transport is more convenient and more effective. Not to mention that it’s faster as well. Thankfully, we, as a company, have relationships with some of the major shipping lines, and we use the most reliable carriers. If you want to get back into the game, the key thing to look for is to pick a partner that will safely transport your goods. You need to realize that everything changed in the last couple of months, and companies that organized transport lost their connections with carriers that they worked with previously. This all happened because there isn’t much money involved, airlines asked for high rates and so on. Now, you need to look for a partner who has connections with reputable carriers ever since world transport lines became active again. A “fresh start” is how it’s often referred to. Look for a company that has the best starting position.

We have our transport bases located in Italy and Switzerland. The two countries that are in the center of Europe and offer a spectacular starting position for all your cargo. We have good connections with other shipping lines in China and Emirates, so we got you covered worldwide. 

The company you hire must have its HQ in a reputable country, so it won’t be facing restrictions when it comes to shipping to other parts of the world.

One thing you should keep in mind is that many people and companies will be working for home for at least a month or so. This is important as the transport you seek needs to be very precise to deliver products to the home address of clients. That’s why we partnered with local transporters worldwide, and we have good connections with every single one of them. 

You should also keep in mind that every single order which has been made pre-quarantine is now being shipped. This indicates that there’s going to be a massive jump in the number of requests worldwide. Therefore, you should pick a partner who can work in a dynamic environment and handles every single shipment with care.

This Is The Perfect Time

It might sound a bit off, but this is the perfect time to find a suitable partner that will provide you the best shipping services. We can look at the coronavirus outbreak as a “reset” button for many businesses, and you would want to get along with a company that wants to be a winner, and that has a good starting position. We are undoubtedly a partner you should consider.