Increased Import-Q3

When the global virus outbreak occurred in January, things were not looking well. Panic and anxiety became normal while the world stopped for a moment. Crucial questions came barging in, and society was on the verge of disaster. People started questioning how they will get the goods they need and want. In these terms, transport became a primal solution. Naturally, supply and demand reached radical numbers while continually shifting. A big challenge for cargo transport everywhere.

To make the situation worse, the shipping industry, freight forwarders, and the entire ocean freight consolidation experienced their disastrous problems. Airfreight did and still represents a reliable alternative, but the prices are undoubtedly higher.

Cargo containment, decaying load, and numerous closed ports present enormous difficulties the shipping industry is experiencing. However, with immense effort, professionalism, and a devoted team, nothing is impossible. Currently, the global economic scene entered the third quartile (Q3). With quarantine gone in large parts of the world and various ports working again, we can safely say that things are getting a better turn.

What Q3 will bring on the global import scene?

Since our main bases are in Switzerland and Italy, specific trends regarding imports have been noticed. Switzerland’s principal import associates are mainly Italy (they are practically neighbours), the Middle East, and Asian countries. Following the latest statistics, there has been an increase in goods Swiss are importing like metals, highly valuable stones, pharmaceutical products, vehicles, organic and non-organic chemicals. One of the main characteristics of this specific economy is that its market is quite stable even though a global crisis emerged. 

Predictions for the third quartal indicate that imports of this international trade will continue to rise and reach even higher numbers, especially regarding pharmaceuticals. In this aspect, it is essential to pick the right shipping company that will provide quality service and fit their plan to the client’s needs.

 Italy is one of the most recognised countries in the world. Located in southern Europe, surrounded by the European Union, it represents a country that recently announced a victory over this persistent virus. We all know what Italy went through these last couple of months. Transportation was almost impossible and shot out to the shipping industry, sea, and air freight for succeeding in these disastrous terms. The main trading partners are Germany, France, Switzerland, and of course, China, since this country’s location allows excellent trading connections. Italy is a land with a rich history, and fashion is one of the first correlations with this country. In the recent past, textile was usually number one on the list of imported goods. Some similarities can be noticed if we compare most imported goods in Switzerland in Italy. 

Italy imports merchandise like vehicles, mechanical gear, precious and valuable stones, plastics, organic and inorganic chemicals, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals. Patterns, demand, and predictions suggest that in Q3, these goods will experience an increased import, accentuating medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals.  

The third quartile is an ultimate test for container and LCL shipping and air and sea freight. Sea freight forwarding may be slow for some. If you decide on an air freight solution, don’t forget to inform well on the prices and trading partners to know what and who you are trading with. Either way, whichever you choose, keep in mind that trust, professionalism, integrity, and loyalty need to be your primal motives, and selecting the right partner is more than half of work.