Container transport

Container transport

Container transport of goods, although very efficient, is not an easy way to transport goods. This type of transport of goods requires knowledge and experience of highly trained staff, quality means of transport, as well as the highest level of logistics. That is why the transport of goods by containers is realized in several phases. In other words, before the transport of goods by containers, appropriate preparatory actions should be performed.

 First, you need to prepare and load the goods and cargo into the container. Factors on which the loading of goods into a container depends include, inter alia, the type, dimensions, weight and type of goods, the type of container, machinery and the like. In the phase of filling goods with containers, various means of transport can be used, such as loading bridges, belt conveyors, forklifts, container cranes and others.


  • Higher space utilization
  • Savings on packaging
  • Cheaper transport
  • Higher turnover of means of transport
  • Maximum protection from weather conditions and damages


  • High initial cost- Leasing companies appearance- container rental
  • Return of the containers- usually empty
  • Container terminals expensive, large spaces, warehouses and expensive machinery
  • Large proportion of dead weight

Container transport of goods is a demanding job that involves complete organization, resources, commitment and logistics down to the last detail. That is why the transport of goods in containers should always be left to authorized professionals who always know what and how to do.

One of the more common issues is unloading containers and time of unloading.

Container size

Unloading train (per container)

Loading train (per container)

20′ containers

1 min 30 sec

1 min 45 sec

40′ containers

1 min 45 sec

2 min 0 sec

Very important to know:

Use a crane or forklift with attachments such as grabs, spikes or slippers, to avoid manual unloading. Never allow people in or around the container while using machinery to unload. If you’re using a crane and it’s necessary to guide the load, make sure it’s from a safe distance using a tag-line.